Monday, March 18, 2013

Jump Medellin

Budget for 12 people
Hideaway Appartelle 2500
Food 400
Boat for Gibitngil Island 1500
Cottage in Gibitngil 50-250
Entrance fee in Gibitingil 10
Cable car + tarzan jump + zipline 125
Van to medellin municipal hall 200
Bus to cebu 140

Advice: call someone from the municipal to guide u around. U will probably need to rent a multicab to freely go anywhere anytime :D

It wasn't my plan to begin with, but ill just post as much as i could remember.
We originally planned to ride a bus in North Bus Terminal, but we ended up riding a public Van, which was also a good choice, that brought us infront of the municipal hall where our guide was waiting for us. We were sent to our small little apartelle which was quite far from the main town. We had the chance to see a lot of crops on the way. After settling down in our place, we asked our guide to bring us to some of their activities; tarzan jump, zipline, etc.. personally, i only enjoyed the tarzan jump because it caught me off guard since i was the first one to try. After that, we went back to our place and cooked ourselves dinner.

The next day, with the help of our guide, we went to Funtastic Island. We just bought some food along the way. The boat costed 1500 and the cottage was 250 PHP. Im sorry i couldnt remember how much the entrance fee was, but its not more than 100. We spent our time there jumping again and again. We went back to our resort around 3 PM and waited for a bus from the main town to take us back to Cebu. An Activity filled experience=]

Hideaway appartelle
Not that luxurios, but good enough. 2 AIRCONDITIONED rooms with TOILET and a KITCHEN were u can cook and FRIDGE.

Hideaway Resort


Tarzan jump

Gibitngil Island

And the 30 feet jump :D

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