Sunday, March 16, 2014

DIY Firefly watching tour - Iwahig Palawan, Philippines

Transportation: 700 good for 4 people
Tour cost:
600 per boat 3PAX
Iwahig Tour:
Firefly Watching tour includes firefly, luminous plankton and Star Gazing :]

Our situation: Our flight for Puerto Princesa Palawan Philippines was scheduled to arrive 4 PM Friday while our flight back to Cebu was 3 PM Sunday. A 3D2N trip. Question, is it possible to go  El Nido for an Island Hoping Tour and enjoy Firefly watching and City Tour in Puerto Princesa within 3 short days? Well, considering the fact that El Nido is roughly a 7 hour drive from Puerto Princesa, you might think that its impossible...but it is possible

rented tricycle for iwahig tour
Butterfly Garden

    We arrived at Puerto Princesa at 4:30 PM We rented a tricycle to get us to Iwahig Firefly watching (we contacted ahead of time for pick-up). We passed by the Bus terminal on our way to reserve the last trip of Roro Bus (10 PM) to EL Nido. 

      We arrived in Iwahig around 6. We finished the tour around 7:30. Went back to the city around 8. Ate dinner near the bus terminal and traveled for El Nido. We arrived in El Nido 4 AM in the morning. We rode a tricycle who recommended us a cheap place to stay. 

<< Resorts' official check-in time is 2PM, if you come earlier, its either you pay for a whole night or you can negotiate(which is what we did)>>

     The resort also offered us the Island Tour. So we just waited till 9 AM to start the tour. The next day we departed at 5 AM by VAN for Puerto Princessa. We arrived 10 AM and we decided to rent a tricycle for a city tour. Went back to the airport around 3 PM and went back to Cebu :) 

Actually, I have already been there when i first went to Palawan.
here is some tips for a more detailed trip to Palawan ->
Since it was a VERY GREAT EXPERIENCE, i decided to go back there for my 2nd time. The first time, we hired a private Van to take us to Baker's Hill around 5 PM, and asked the Van to pick us up after the Iwahig tour. But for the 2nd time, we decided to just negotiate with tricycle drivers to take us there.

If you are doing a City tour, BAKER'S HILL is a must destination = ] bread there is great! its not only a bakery, but its like a park
Valentine's in Baker Hill
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  1. Hi! Is the bus terminal along the way to Iwahig river?