Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tabuelan Baby

Transportation : Van for Hire in North Bus Terminal P130 per person
Resort: Durhan White Beach Resort
Food expense 400 per person for 9 people
Total Expense: 1300 (including miscellaneous)

We agreed to meet in North Bus terminal at 6 AM to depart early, but as usual, we departed around 7. Originally we planned to take the bus, but we ended up riding the Van because it will take us directly to the resort. We arrived around 11 and prepared our lunch. It was a good place. Not crowded and clean. Our room was basically good for 4-6 people but some of us just brought some hammock and slept outside. Place is great :)

Tabuelan has beautiful white sands and if you are looking for a peaceful place, then its a good place to be. Not crowded and is away from the city life, that's what i experienced there. Durhan's resort is a little big. You can do beach volleyball in there and they also have an area where a few hammocks are placed under a big tree. Its really a good place to spend time with loved ones and just spend a simple life for a change.

It wouldn't cost you much if you decided to go there, especially if you buy food ahead of time. Our room was extremely small for 13 people because it was originally for 5 people only. Since we were on a tight budget, we decided to take that room and make the most of the two beds and hammocks outside. Well i guess, it was more fun that way. Hehehe the more the merrier ^^

Whaleshark in Tabuelan >.<


Twilight in Tabuelan

Beach Volleyball

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