Sunday, November 9, 2014

Do It yourself island hopping tour in Mactan.

It's simpler than you have expected and cheaper too!!

First of all, you have to rent yourselves a boat. There are a lot of trustworthy contacts in the internet such as Island Souvenirs. They will bring you to the best Marine Sanctuaries in Mactan. But the ones you usually see online are a little bit pricey. So I have decided to ask around for a cheaper alternative. And I luckily got the number:
+639173098880 and +639433484690 and look for kuya Jonathan.

The minimum price is 3000 Pesos for 10 people and a charge of 100 per excess. They have snorkeling sets for rent 100 pax. Of course, every boat should and always have life vests.

Their boat was bigger and better than we expected. It was clean and has a toilet. The best thing was, they have their own speakers! They also have a grilling area where u can cook food and an ice bucket. Its really quite good.

I have personally been to many island hopping tours in and outside of Mactan. And I could really easily tell the difference with quality. I mean, this tour was a very cheap one, so I didn't expect a lot. What I am trying to say is that we went to 3 different areas, San Vicente, Sulpa and Caohagan, which were less better than the famous Nalusuan, Gilutungan and etc. I'm not saying it wasn't good, it was just less better.

So, if your purpose for the Island hopping is more on sightseeing and seeing great fishes, I recommend you to negotiate with them and ask them to bring you to better islands. But if you are not so specific with the areas and just enjoy you and your friends/family's company, then go ahead and enjoy this very reasonable day in the sea.

And besides, Mactan beach is and will always be beautiful wherever it maybe =]

Remember Always
Leave nothing but footprints. 
Take nothing but pictures.
Please be responsible with your trash

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