Friday, February 27, 2015

Around Cebu

One day I was browsing over the internet and saw this package tour for Cebu. i checked for the itinerary for the tour and was really surprised because i have been to all of those places. I was amazed with myself with the number of places i have been these past 2 years and now i think i need to explore more.

Below is an image i made of Cebu and the places i have been to. I will be explaining briefly what you can do in those places base on my own experiences. 

Mactan - There is nothing much to do in this small city of Lapu-Lapu. You can either do a city tour that will take 3-4 hours maximum and visit Mactan Shrine where the famous Magellan and Lapu-Lapu fought. Don't forget to buy souvenirs nearby and try the famous SUTUKIL. Honestly speaking, i haven't tried eating there despite the distance between my house and there, which is approximately around 10 minutes by car. Shame on me...

Or you can go to the resorts that line up around the ports of Mactan. And then, you can go Island Hopping where you can visit various islands and marine sanctuaries.
Learn more about Island hopping in Mactan here.

Minglanilla - actually i just went there because my friend lives there. it was not a tour.

Carcar - if you travel a lot to the southern part of cebu, you will most likely pass this place.

Argao - A friend of mine invited us for a family party. He took us around their park, and fed us with their famous "torta" and went to a spring nearby.
This is called the Obong Spring. As far as I can remember, this was not in Argao. We took a short trip by bus from Argao and arrived there. They had only a 5- 10 PHP entrance fee, and it's up to you where you want to put your things because they don't have any cottages. Bring your own tables and chairs if you don't want to sit on the ground.

 Dalaguete - you can go there to visit the Osmena Peak, which is said to be the highest peak of Cebu. (Im not sure) There you can go trekking down to Kawasan Falls or visit Obong Spring when get down. Read my post about it to get more details here.

Oslob - There are lost of resorts here that will accommodate you to see the famous whale sharks. And while you are there, you MUST visit Tumalog Falls. Read my post about it here.

Sumilon - A small island 15-20 minutes away from mainland Cebu. Quite pricey, but heaven in a form of a small island. My advice, get a room in Oslob, and visit Sumilon to enjoy the sandy bars of Sumilon. Details about Sumilon can also be read on my post about Oslob here.

Santander - tip of southern cebu. white beaches.

Moalboal - A famous spot for snorkelling and scuba diving after visiting Kawasan falls. The last time i went there was 6 years ago. I didn't own a digital camera nor did i have a smart phone that time. Details of the trip was also long forgotten but im quite sure that it was a good trip and to attest to that are many testimonials of the people around me who has been there recently.

Badian - is where you can find the ever famous Kawasan Falls. Read here for more details.

Aloguinsan - Visit the Bojo River

Tabuelan - a peaceful place to go to the beach. if you hate crowded beaches, go here.

Balamaban - is famous for their Liempo. We went there for a Ranch adventure. Ridding horses, go karts, fishing. Read here.

Medellin - be sure to visit Funtastic Island and dive from their 30ft cliff :D

Daanbantayn - the northern tip of mainland Cebu. I just went there for volunteer work, so im not sure what is there, but i guess this is where you have to go to so you could go to Bantayan

I wish to be able to go to Camotes and Bantayan someday soon, but with all these places i have been to in Cebu, im quite proud to have been there and as proud to be a Cebuana as well. Enjoy your trips, and I hope i could be of assitance :)


  1. Hi. I just wanna ask if canyoneering in badian and whale shark watching in oslob can be done in a day?? If yes, what should go first? Thanks.

    1. Hi. I have actually thought of that too. I guess it is, but you have to be super early in Oslob first. Whale shark watching starts at 6 AM. and whaleshark watching can only get 30 minutes at most of your time (or an hour) so you can talk to your guide to meet up around 9 AM in alegria for the canyoneering. You will finish approximately around 1-2 PM.

      whale watching ends at 1 PM. so i wont advice you to go canyoneering first coz it will take 3-5 hours of your time ^_^