Friday, November 23, 2012

10/20-21/12 Oslob the 2nd time around

Sumilon Sand Beach

What's new with my second time? some notable things such as prices. This time, I went with another batch of friends plus 4 korean friends. At least now it wasn't that impromptu and now it was my turn to organize the trip. Organizing really is a handful. You really have to consider a lot of things and everything that will happen will be your responsibility >.< well anyway, i posted the first Oslob trip earlier but there has been quite a few changes with price. If you want to see the difference, then check the first post here

Lagunde Beach Resort Private House: P3500 (downpayment required)
     * 2 airconditioned bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 CR and unlimited number of people with TV and fridge.
Southbus Terminal Fee: P5 per person
Airconditioned Bus for Oslob: P145 per person (i'm not sure)
Food budget: P200 per person
Whale Shark Watching: Filipino Rate - P500 per person and Foreigner Rate - P1000
Sumilon Pump Boat: P2500
Sumilon Sand Beach Fee: Filipino Rate- P10 per person and Foreigner Rate - P20 or P50 (sorry my memory is terrible. i should have had written this post earlier, so i could have written exact information)
Tumalog Waterfalls Fee: Filipino Rate - P10 per person and Foreigner Rate - P20

Tumalog Falls
Basic Transportation
Tricycle Fee: P7 per person
Private Car provided by "Ate" in Lagunde Beach Resort: P160 per person
       *The staff from the resort provided us with 2 private cars that took us to Tanawan to see the Whale Sharks and they even waited for us so that they could send us to the place where our boat was waiting to send us to Sumilon. We were given contact their contact information so after playing in Sumilon for an hour, we sent them a message so they could pick us up in the port and send us to our next destination which was Tumalog Waterfalls. They also waited for us to finish playing there and finally sent us back to the resort. It was really really convenient for us to be able to get that kind of transportation than commuting to different places. If you want to hire them, just tell "Ate" from the resort, she'll help you :)

Just a word of advice. If you play with fire, you will get burned >.<
Fire dancing in Oslob

Sumilon Sand Beach -> Tumalog WaterFalls -> Oslob
The good thing about this time is also the video i took with the whale
sharks, it was nearer and clearer than before :)
I dont know,  but Oslob is my personal favorite >.< or maybe it also was a good trip because i was always with good company :)


  1. Hi! Would like to ask about lagunde Beach resort. nung hiningan ka ba ng downpayment, deposit to bank or kwarta padala? medyo nagduda kasi ako kung legit. just want to make sure. thanks!

    1. Hello Sara. Yes po, To make sure, you should keep in touch with them. They have a facebook account, and (maybe) the number i added here is still the number they are using. the last time i went there was two years ago, so i'm sure their rates have changed since this post. Just check out lang po yung facebook nila :)

  2. Pwede po ba magdala ng pet dog dito sa Lagunde Beach resort? hehe

    1. I'm not sure po, but they do have a pet monkey there and some birds nested in some of their houses(if that matters). Wala naman akong nakitang sign na "No pets allowed", but i think it's better if you ask them 09336121896 or through facebook

  3. Hi please be informed that (09336121896) is currently not connected with Lagunde Beach Resort. Please contact 481-9990 instead. Thank you!