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Palawan Philippines - Travel Advice

Ive done 3 posts related to palawan

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But i got few more reminders. I came up with this, because some of my friends keep asking me many things regarding Palawan. So ill try to share it here.

3D2N trip to Palawan, possible?
Yes it is. Even going to EL Nido is possible. Really hectic though.

Assuming you will arrive between 9AM - 2PM, a good way to start your day will be a quick tour around the city. Baker's Hill, Butterfly garden are my fav destination (if u talk about priorities).

If you arrive later than that, I advice to just negotiate with a tricycle to get you to Iwahig firefly watching(and to get you a reservation). Itll cost 700 per tricycle.

Before heading to Iwahig, make sure to drop by the Bus terminal (if u take the bus) to reserve for the last trip for El Nido. (or van. Just ask around for information, help is everywhere)

Make sure too that you will get a reservation for the underground river for your 3rd day in Palawan.

You will probably arrive at El Nido the next day 4 AM in the morning. Since check in time for most hotels in El Nido is 2 PM, (if you dont want to pay an extra night) just find yourself a hotel later and decide to just hang around in the terminal or the town till 6 to 7 AM. Though all shops are still close, so keep it down hehehe sleep on the beach hehe

You must then avail for a tour, and while your at it, reserve for a hotel to check in later just for showering (this way you will avoid extra charge)and get urself some fresh bread at Midtown Bakery ^^

After the tour, get a Van or Bus to take u back to Puerto Princesa for your underground river tour. You will be spending another night on a car =]

You could also just disregard going to the Underground River and just enjoy the night in El Nido. Just wake up early to catch a bus or van for ur trip back to Puerto Princessa. Do last minute shopping before you headback home.

If you would stay in Puerto Princesa, then this wouldn't be a problem. This will all depend on your flight details though. If you start your day early in Palawan, then you will be doing more. If, on the other hand, your flight is schedule in the afternoon, then you better brace youself.

3 or anything divisible by 3 is the magic number. Boats and tricycles, usually can accommodate that number.

If it isn't a peak season, then you need not worry of reserving. El Nido is a town filled with hotels, inns and hopping tours. So dont worry.

From 6AM to 2PM, there wont be any electricity. It wouldn't matter anyway if you are out there swimming.

Bring CASH. No ATMs in El Nido. Only in Puerto Princesa.

Well maybe that's all. Hehehe

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