Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Canyoneering in Badian

As of September 1, 2016, Canyoneering in Alegria-Badian has been reopened to public
Only accredited tour operators are allowed to cater guests. Kuya Stuart, our guide from our trip, will not accommodate any guests anymore because he will focus on his work.

NEW PRICES for the canyoneering tour will be 1500 inclusive of food, gear, guide, entrance and exit fees. 


First and foremost, Canyoneering starts in Alegria Cebu and exits in Kawasan Badian. So basically, it is Canyoneering in Alegria, not Badian. 

Canyoneering in Cebu

I'm sure you have heard of it. Canyoneering or Canyoning has been rapidly gaining popularity since going to the beach and ziplining has become too mainstream. So if you are planning one for a weekend adventure, here are the things you need:


1. Get yourself a guide.

There are many guides offering package tours for Canyoneering for 1000 PHP per head. This includes guide fee, food, helmet and life vest, Kawasan entrance fee, and motorcycle fee to bring you to the starting point of the event. THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE YOUR TRANSPORTATION FEE FROM AND BACK TO CEBU.

For our group, we did not avail any package tours but instead we found ourselves a guide and provided ourselves with helmets, safety vests (rented in Kawasan 100 and 50 PHP respectively) and brought packed lunch.

You may contact Stuart to guide you
0932 448 1500 / 0927 674 7900


For itinerary, since you cannot do a DIY Canyoneering event without a guide, it is best you coordinate with your guide for the itinerary. But this was our itinerary:

3:00 AM meetup in SouthBus Terminal
7:00 AM Alegria ETA
7:30 AM preparation.
8-12 NN Canyoneering Trip
12 Lunch in Kawasan
2:00 PM ETD for Cebu
5:00 PM ETA Cebu

Cebu-Alegria - 137ph ceres non A/C (140 A/C)
River jump off - 40-50ph motorcycle ride
Life jacket - 50ph
Helmet - 100
Matutinao, Badian-Cebu - 132ph ceres aircon
Entrance and Exit - 40ph (Foreigners 80PHP)

Update September 8 2015
IF you are not planning on taking the bus, you can always get some private van for your service.
And our guide informed us that he is also offering transportation services (Toyota Brand New Highace and Toyota Brand New Avanza). Please contact him for more information about costs.
+639324481500 Stuart.

3. There are two types of Canyoneering activities. Upstream and Downstream. I recommend downstream for beginners since going up requires double the effort. For downstream, you will be starting in Alegria going down to Kawasan Falls.


ziplock or drybag (for food or money)
extra clothes dry
exra money

The things you have to leave in the starting point will be sent to Kawasan Falls where you will be exiting. So if you are afraid of leaving valuables, you can either choose not to bring any or put them (money and phone) in a ziplock or underwater case so you can bring it along. The lesser you bring along with you, the better.

The guide will be bringing a dry bag with him. Most of the things you have to carry (especially food) will be placed here.


Trail food suggest fruits like apple, banana and hard boiled egg
biscuits, chocolate, bread
Put it in a lock and lock Tupperware.

Sandals(no slippers)
Aqua shoes or any

Enjoy your trip. Because, the only way out, is down.

And remember always,
Leave nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but pictures.

Please be responsible with your trash

Update as of November 2015
entrance fee is  50 PHP for locals and 70 for foreigner
exit fee is  still 20 PHP for locals and 40 for foreigner

Helmet and Life jacket fees are 75 PHP each.

Kuya Stuart's number is still updated. Thanks.
send me a message through Facebook if you have any questions

Update as of January 2016
Reminder to guests who are living outside Cebu:
please contact your canyoneering guide before securing yourself a ticket, especially when coming here for Canyoneering alone. This is just to help you avoid future problems and disappointments of spot-on decisions when you are already here, such as; Guide availability, sudden changes in prices, weather conditions and other issues that might come up. 


  1. awww, sorry i misinterpret ur words, i guess the 1000 per head you mean is the totality of expenses per head...ahahahah, i'l recommend this to my friends. Thanks guys!

  2. how much did you paid to the tour guide?

    1. I am not authorized to say that, so please contact the guide for the price ^^ But for sure it will be affordable. The contact number i stated here is still the updated ^^

  3. Hi! Amazing pictures!!! May I borrow your picture for the first jump? We just had our canyoning experience last weekend and we were all too nervous thinking about the first jump that we forgot to take a picture of it. Thanks!!! :)

    1. Sure =] please link it back to this site though ^^

  4. hi sir! i would be travelling to cebu this november and I would really want to try canyoneering. Unfortunately I am on a tight budget and I would be using your guidelines like having to rent the equipment myself to have less expenses. Would you recommend this for beginners? Tour guide rate from Kuya Stuart would just be for the guide going down to Kawasan right? (If we opt for the less expensive option I mean hehe) Thanks!

    1. miss po, not sir hehehe. Yes, the rate would be just for Kuya Stuart. If you have helmets and life vests, you can prepare one for yourselves. Because technically speaking, since the tour guide rate is a separate rate from the equipment rates, you are still going to borrow from him (from the starting point where you will be oriented, there will be a small house where you can borrow the stuff).. so if you have one, bring one (helmet and vest) ^_^ enjoy and hope for favorable weather hehe

    2. hi ms van. my name is Ali tan. would like to ask if you have another number of Sir Stuart. Tried calling him earlier but the number is not working. We are planning to drive from Cebu to Alegria tomorrow morning to experience canyoneering in badian

    3. hi ali. i contacted him, and he confirmed that he is still using the same number. maybe he was just out of reach that time.

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  6. Hi we are planning to do canyoneering in cebu next year at aroud may adn there are only 3 of us.. is there a height requirement for it and is there an affordable place to stay in kawasan overnight? because we planning to do the canyoneering first then the next day go to oslob for the whale sharks.. any tips and info will be appreciated..

    Thank you :)

    1. hello, im not really sure about the height requirement, but no one stated there was. i guess even if your as short as 3 feet or as tall as 7feet, i think it wouldn't matter as long as your physically capable of doing the activity. and besides, there is a safety equipment provided.but please contact the above stated guide to make sure.

      about the place, i haven't stayed in kawasan or moalboal (which is near) for an overnight stay. (try searching in agoda)

      but why not stay overnight in Oslob? since canyoneering will only take half of the day, around 2-3pm you can proceed to your resort in oslob, and have the day off. so its easier for you to go around touring oslob (not only whale sharks but also go to SUMILON's sandbar and TUMALOG falls)
      here's my post about OSLOB

      if you want to chat, just send me a message through my Facebook account. ill be happy to answer your questions there https://www.facebook.com/sowhatright/

  7. i went there with 2 of my friends who cant swim well. so i guess no, it isn't required as long as you have your lifevest with u

    1. Alright. Good to know. Thanks!

  8. if you want to stay in kawasan falls just look for willys place nice place to stay i can recommend you

  9. hi... are kids allowed for canyoneering? :)

    1. Havent heard of kids doing it since it would be too risky for them (especially children under 13). Unless their exceptionally sporty and swims well, then i can only advice 16yrs and above.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I asked the guide, and he said ages 12 at least

    4. I asked the guide, and he said ages 12 at least

  10. Hello can i ask if we pay 1000 for over all.... what kind of food did he prepare.... is that the same with what you write there...thnx

  11. Hello can i ask if we pay 1000 for over all.... what kind of food did he prepare.... is that the same with what you write there...thnx

    1. He didnt prepare the food. This was no package tour. So we prepared our own food

  12. What if dalawa Lang kami, okay lang? Oh kailangan in a group talaga?

  13. What if dalawa Lang kami, okay lang? Oh kailangan in a group talaga?

    1. For now, im not sure if they have already fixed the rate, so it wouldn't matter how many of u are in the group. But right now im sure you can join group tours so u wouldn't have to worry about paying more.

  14. Hi wat tym ang first trip ng ceres bus going to badian? Thanks.

  15. as far as I know, the terminal is always open. you can meet around 2 am and ETD will be at 3AM, so you will be in badian around 6-7am

  16. Canyoneering in Badian is what we really like to try soon. Thanks for this blog.