Saturday, May 4, 2013

Kawasan Finally

It was a one day trip to kawasan and sumilon (complicated route I know) but it was great :)

6:00 am depart
Quick stop over in Carcar
11:00 am in kawasan 3rd falls
Ps: keep an eye with your Belongings.
1:00 pm depart for oslob
2:30 oslob
3:00 sumilon
4:30 back to cebu

Expenses :
Super grandia van 7500
Boat to sumilon 3500
Kawasan cottage 300
Raft 300 (another 300 for each boatman
Life vest : 50
Entrance fees : 10-20 per person
Food : 200 each

Enjoy ",

This trip was done together with some Korean friends. It was a group of 17 people so we just decided to hire a Van. We departed around 6 in the morning and decided to drop by the last Jollibee located in Carcar for lunch. We also bought some meat, snacks and drinks ahead of time for the trip. We arrived in Kawasan and decided to go to the 3rd falls since it was less crowded. Some of us played, while the others did the cooking. We cooked roasted pork with Korean Noodles. Great :D Since we were in a tight schedule, we had to hurry down to go to Oslob Sumilon. Unfortunately, when we arrived in Sumilon, the water was high, so we couldn't really enjoy the beach. So next time, don't go there late afternoon. We went back to Cebu right after without taking a shower, just a few wash ups in Oslob.

It was not the perfect trip, but it was still great!

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