Thursday, November 22, 2012

04/05-06/12 Conquered Oslob and Sumilon


Last Holy Week (2012) my friend decided to go to Oslob with or without us. Out of courtesy, she informed us a week before, and of course, who would want to say no to that? Besides, it was the Holy Week, a long vacation. We cant afford to miss that chance to see the "butanding" >.< anyway, the plan was simple, bring money and go :P

Since it was Holy Week, we had to go to the South Bus Terminal as early as 3:00 AM to avoid (which we didn't) rush hour(?) We road a non-conditioned bus to Oslob.

South Bus Terminal Fee: P5.00
Bus Fee: P135 (maybe, i cant really remember)
Travel Time: 3 hours

Roller Coaster Ride - Catching Sunrise 

We arrived at our resort, Lagunde Beach Resort. We were supposed to check-in at 1:00 PM but we arrived there too early (7:00 AM) so "ate" from the resort told us to just leave our things and go eat breakfast in the main town.

Lagunde Beach Resort Private House - P3500
Other smaller rooms are available. Just call 09336121896 for more information about the resort. I personally love the place :)

Lagunde Beach Resort

Starbucks ala Oslob Style
We went to the main town for breakfast. We just rode a  tricycle to get there. As far as i can remember, it costed 7-8 Pesos per person. anyway, we went directly to Tanawan, to see the Whale Sharks in action. Ate helped us in terms of providing transportation since we were not familiar with the place and we did not rent a private van. Ate was also very honest in telling how much things really costed, usually people lie about how much transportation fee is. Luckily Ate wasnt one of them :) Whale Shark: P300 PAX Transportation: P200 by the way, Local and Foreigners rate are different. Whale shark watching is also only open from 6 AM to 1 PM :P

After swimming with the Whale Sharks, we ate lunch in there. It was a little costly so I advice you to bring your own food or bring a lot of money :) We rode Habal-habal to go to our next destination which was Tumalog Waterfalls. No entrance fee was needed. Just Habal-habal fee. It was good! Cold! but walking down and climbing up required effort >.<

Habal-Habal (b&f): 120 PAX
And went back to the resort to rest

The next day, we went to Sumilon.Pump boat ride going to Sumilon Island: P200 PAX

I dont wanna go into too much details (which i think i already did) but hope this was informative enough :) here is a video i made of our entire trip

Information provided by our organizer Tresian :
Main Attractions: 
- Whale shark watching
- Tumalog falls
- Sumilon Island

How to get there: Drive yourself there, rent a Van (5000 pesos), or take the bus (276 b&f)

What we did there: 
- Whale shark watching (300 pesos/head talent fee)
- ride habal2x going to tumalog falls (100 pesos/head)
- pump boat ride going to sumilon island (200 pesos/head)

Where we stayed: 
- Lagunde Beach Resort, rented a beach house worth 3500 pesos with 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, 1 cr and unlimited number of persons. With tv and aircon.
- visit for pics of the resort.

- Bring your own food. Mahal kaau ug mga pagkaon ngadto.
- Bring your own snorkeling gear, mahal ilang pa rent tag 100pesos. Kung mo ask ang taga Tan-awan kung mag snorkeling mo ingna lng nga dili, ky pabayron mo ug 20 pesos la p na labot s rent s gear.
- Bring sunblock.

Budget: 2500



  1. Hi Ms Tobolita,

    Would like to ask your permission if it would be ok if i would share this 'Oslob' entry to our facebook page. I am currently maintaining 'Lagunde Beach Resort' page, which i believe you had stayed in during your trip.
    Hoping for your favorable response.


    1. @leighya Sure :) love your place by the way ^_^

  2. Hi please be informed that (09336121896) is currently not connected with Lagunde Beach Resort. Please contact 481-9990 instead. Thank you!