Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Travel to Siquijor

Voodoo Doll


Growing up in the Philippines, I have known Siquijor for its magical and mystical reputation and its stories about witchcraft and black magic. The idea of encountering a Kapre (tree demon) or a Tikbalang (Horse Demon) or get cursed by a resident Witch in an island famous for this sort of stuff will definitely leave you doubtful. And besides, there are plenty of places with lesser mystical reputation, so why take my chances of seeing a Manananggal (literally translated to "The Remover") in action, right?

If you want to read more about Philippine Mythical Creatures, you can visit this facebook page

See below for my travel itinerary for Siquijor.

But, if you do decide not to go to Siquijor just because of the fear of seeing these creatures, which may or may not exist, then I will have to advice you to stop watching horror movies and get your head together because its totally worth the trip to visit this peaceful island. I will give you 3 reasons why Siquijor is a must visit in Central Visayas.

Why travel to Siquijor Reason # 1 Very affordable
The Bruce Resort
Even though its 9-10 hours away from Cebu City, me and my friends have spent 2000-2500 PHP each only. Yes its a general idea that Bus and ferry trips are much more cheaper than via plane, but its not just that that makes it cheap but the tours and hotels in Siquijor are very affordable too!

~The Accommodation ~

The resort we stayed in, The Bruce Resort, was not very cheap for a very low budget travel, but this resort is worth what you are paying for. The cottage room was worth 1800 for 4-5 people, but when we saw the room, it was huge and can even fit 10 people (I'm not referring to the beds' capacity when I say good for 10. The room is big enough for extra mattresses and some could sleep in the veranda, or just in the beach) . So we just paid an extra 150 per person for the cottage room. It's not air-conditioned (doesn't matter because it's just in front of the beach) but it has its own cooking area. Complete with stove and gas and kitchen utensils (and of course a fridge and a water dispenser) It has a pool and wifi connection in the front desk and is generally very peaceful.


Worry not about your itinerary in Siquijor, because there will be a lot of available trikes ready to accommodate tourists waiting around the Ferry Port. If you go there in bigger groups, there are Multicabs or rent motorbikes for smaller groups (motorbike rentals are everywhere). Contact this number for a multicab tour (1800 whole day tour) 09269973943 look for Kuya Sanny.

Why travel to Siquijor Reason #2  Exciting Places

Tarzan Jump in Cambughay Falls

I know that most, if not everybody, wishes to experience swinging like Tarzan. Here's your chance. One more activity to cross-out from your bucket-list, "swing using a vine like Tarzan".
20-40ft Cliff Diving in Salagdoong Beach

Since you have started swinging like Tarzan, why not face your fear by jumping in Salagdoong's Cliff? They say its 20 feet, but I am not quite sure if its only that high. Probably it is, if the tide was high, but when we went there, officers advised us to jump now or never because the tide was getting lower and jumping from the cliff will already be prohibited. So I guess depending on the tide, the distance from the cliff and the water will matter. That was around 2 PM that the waters were only 12-15 feet deep, so there was one point that a friend of mine felt the bottom of the sea when he jumped off the cliff. So jump only when the waters are deep and when your heart, and knees, are ready =]

I have been to Medellin's Funtastic Island, which is also famous for it's diving, so if you ask me which is higher, I would have to say that Siquijor's cliff is 10 feet higher. Just my opinion though. read my blog post about Medellin First post here or Recent post here.

Enchanted Balete Tree

 Not only will you see this majestic mystical tree, you also get to have your foot free from calluses with their tiny fishes eating them out off your skin. And that's only for 5 PHP!

Why Travel to Siquijor Reason #3 Breathtaking Sunset
Sunset at The Bruce Resort

There are no words for this ~

Budget and Itinerary
This may not be the exact prices because I can't really remember. But its a close estimate to the actual prices.

Day 1
12 AM ETD from SouthBus Terminal for Bato Liloan Port. 170 PHP
4 AM ETA Liloan Port 65 PHP
5 AM ETA Sibulan Port. We asked around for a  transport to Dumaguete Port, got ourselves a private cab who sent us to the public market (for breakfast) 30 PHP pax
5:45 AM Eating the famous Puto Sikwate in Dumaguete. 10 PHP per cup and 10 PHP per puto
6:10 AM in Dumaguete port getting ferry tickets for first trip for Siquijor 7 AM. 170 PHP pax + 15 PHP terminal fee

7:30 AM ETD for Siqujor
9:15 AM ETA Siquijor
9:30 AM Secured ourselves a whole day tour/transport around the island. 1800 PHP
Contact this number for a multicab tour (1800 whole day tour) 09269973943 look for Kuya Sanny.
10:00 AM Early check in. The Bruce Hotel. 1800 PHP for cottage room good for 4 people. 150 PHP per extra person.

11 AM - 3 PM Siquijor Tour. You can ask your guide for a specific itinerary. We went to a park with a spring nearby (I forgot the name), the enchanted Balete tree with fish spa ^^, a local restaurant for breakfast, visited famous churches, cambughay falls and last stop is in salagdoong beach. (We asked our guide to pick us up next morning to transport us back to the ferry terminal back to dumaguete city)

We just stayed in the resort the entire night to rest. Though there was a restaurant nearby, we chose to cook ourselves dinner because the resort had a kitchen complete with cooking utensils.

Day 02

8:00 AM Pick Up from Resort to Siquijor Pier 300 PHP
9:00 AM ETD For Dumaguete
10:15 ETA Dumaguete
11- 4 PM Apo Island (read separate itinerary here)
5 PM ETD for Cebu 65 PHP pax
10 PM ETA Cebu City 170 PHP pax


Some of us went to Apo Island to swim with turtles while others just waited in Dumaguete City. For Apo island itinerary, please read here 

Total Budget 2500 (Excluding Apo Island), 3500 (including APO island)

And always,
Leave nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but pictures.

Please be responsible with your trash

Photo Credit to some photos to Mei DG


  1. salamat sa info.
    plano pumunta this november 2015

    -namie of cdo city

    1. friendly advice, if u wanna enjoy cliff diving in salagdoong beach, don't go there 2PM or later because they might prohibit visitors to jump due to the low tide. or better ask your guide when the is the best time to go there , im sure they know better

    2. sino may kilala na tour guide sa siquijor i will be going to that place on holyweek in solo flight

  2. That whole day trike package, is it good for 2 days? or just 1 full day? (Macky)

  3. You also asked Kuya Sanny for the transfer from the resort to the port? We'll go there next month and looking for a nice tour guide. Thanks!

    1. Yes. But that's another separate payment bcoz it was for the next day

  4. Hello? is there a ferry ride from sibulan port to liloan in Southcebu? And how much would that cost if im travelling from siquijor. Thanks

    1. Im sorry i couldnt remember the exact amount bcoz i lost the pictures i took for the fair, but it was from 60-100 most probably