Friday, November 23, 2012

11/18/12 - Aloguinsan Bojo River

Supposedly we would go to my friends house for dinner but people were too busy to attend. So just out of boredom, I decided I will go to Aloguinsan and check out the Bojo River. 4 Korean friends with me and 3 of my Filipino friends as well. I originally dont have any idea about the travel so my plan was just to go there and ask questions. But the internet provided more than enough info so basically the travel was easy.

Bojo River

After climbing 155 Steps

We reserved the Bojo River tour which was 600 pesos per person. The price will get cheaper if there would be more people. As usual, we didn't take any van so we just used the bus. Surprisingly, Southbus Terminal didnt require the usual 5 Peso terminal fee anymore, so we just paid 80 pesos per person for the direct bus trip to Aloguinsan. It was not that comfortable really, since it wasnt air-conditioned and it had so many stops along the way. The music was also too loud and it was too hot. To put it simple, it was not that comfortable, but it was OK. It was a rough 2 hour drive from cebu to aloguinsan. A kind fellow passenger helped as on where we should stop and ride "Habal-habal". Habal-habal fee was 15 pesos per head, and they will directly send you to the River. In there, Kuya Rodney and company welcomed us and started with the tour instantly.

The day ended quick so we decided to go back to Cebu. Yes, we tried to hitch hike but failed to do so, so we just rode a bus to cebu and again it was not comfortable :P

As soon as we arrive Cebu, we proceeded to One Mango infront of Mango Square to eat Dinner in Dong Juan and ended the night with a quick dance off in SongHits KTV.

Budget per person was 1300 pesos.

Basically, the tour was:
Welcome Lei
Welcome Drinks
1 meal and 1 snack
River Cruise
Handicraft Demo
for more information call 09059133055 and look for Kuya Rudney

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