Monday, June 22, 2015

Why going to Dumaguete is a waste of time

1. Seeing sea turtles swimming freely isn't interesting

2. Swimming with turtles up close is never a part of someone's bucket list.

3. There is nothing special about dolphins too

4. And food isnt that great

5. Not even a Korean can enjoy...

"두마게테섬여행은 즐거움, 신기함 그자체였습니다.
아포섬의 거북이와 돌고래 구경은 평생 잊지못할것입니다.
그리고 맛집들이 곳곳에 있어서 먹거리 걱정도 하지않아도 되었습니다
이다음에 기회가 된다면, 꼭 다시 방문하고 싶습니다
즐거운 사람들과 즐겁고 행복한 여행을 할 수있어서 정말 행복하였습니다."

~Dumaguete travel was so fun. Especially the trip to Apo Island to swim with the turtles and dolphins.. ~ -Lin Areum

So if you are interested in wasting your time like me, here is a sample itinerary and budget

06:00AM southbus terminal. Ride bus for Satander Liloan port for Dumaguete175 / pax
10:00AM ETA Liloan port
11:00 AM (hourly ferry trip) ferry boat to Dumaguete city 62/pax
11:30 AM ETA Dumaguete. Ride tricycle or jeepney to city proper. (20-30/pax)
12 leave stuff at the hotel or inn
1:00PM ride tricycle to pick up area for Dauin /Zambanguita 10/pax
1:10 PM ride Jeepney or bus for Zambanguita 20-30/pax
2:30PM ETA Zambanguita. Rent a boat for Apo island. 3000/ boat 8people capacity
3:00 PM ETA Apo Island. Get a guide 300/guide good for 4 people.
Yes its necessary to have one. They will swim along with you to help navigate around the waters in search for the turtles.

100 life vest and 100 snorkel gear
25 registeration fee for locals
100 for non locals

4:30 PM ETD back to Dumaguete
5 PM hire a tricycle back to Dumaguete city (20-30/pax good for 7-8 persons)

6PM onwards Free Time.

Second day

4 AM depart for Bais. Bus 52/pax
5 AM arrive Bais, ride tricycle to port 10/pax
5:30 AM rent a boat (3-3.500/ boat) Dolphin watching
6-10 AM dolphin watching and swimming in Manjuyod Sand Bar
11AM bACK to Dumaguete city
12NN checkout

Buy souvenir from Sans Rival and back to Cebu.

And always,
Leave nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but pictures.
Please be responsible with your trash

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