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Quick Tips for Palawan travel

*Cherry Bus or RoRo bus
With or without AC 400P below.
(Cherry bus w/o AC 290P)
6-7 hours travel from Puerto Princesa to EL Nido and vice versa

*Van transports from Puerto Princesa to EL Nido or Vice Versa 700P
Some people outside the airport will help you get a Van

Both Vans and Buses will have two stops.

*EL Nido tricycle from terminal to town proper 50P PER TRICYCLE
*Tricycle fee 10P
You can just walk around EL Nido. Most of the restaurants and resorts you are looking for are just a 15-minute walk (at MAXIMUM)

*Island Tours are available anywhere & EVERYWHERE in EL Nido
Prices range from 1200-1400
* 200 PHP pax for environmental fee

Tour A and C are highly recommended, or you can do both in one day. Tour includes lunch and starts from 9am-5pm.
You could rent Kayaks or paddle boards for you to bring with during the tour, which can come in handy.

*Underground River, Honda Bay And Firefly watching tour can actually be done by yourself without the help of agencies.

*Once you arrive in the airport, just ask questions on how to get to the Underground River.

*If you are able to get a permit for the Underground river tour, it would be BEST if you go there as early as 6AM to avoid the long wait.

*Rent a Van or Tricycle to take you to Iwahig Fireflies.
The tour (transportation not yet included) costs 600 per boat which can acommodate 3 people at once.

*you can rent a tricycle (good for 3 for 700 PHP) to Bakers Hill, Crocodile Farm, Butterfly Garden and other places for City Tour

*LRC 908 is a cheap souvenir shop

Our Itinerary 

To make it simple. Having an agency to set your tours might make your life easier, but DOING IT YOURSELF would be advisable if you are looking for a CHEAPER trip. The difference would just be sacrificing your sleeping time and comfort.
BUT this might just be a good idea if you DONT GO there on a PEAK SEASON, but you could also sleep in the beach if all else fails.

Just go and ask questions. You will be ok :]

Hadefe contact # - +639999941318
MarieVille contact #- +639212560640

If our itinerary photo confuses you, here's an explanation:
We availed Zest Air's flight for Puerto Princesa which was only scheduled for 3:15 PM 01.01.2014. As soon as we arrived, we were approached by some locals to avail their Van to bring us to EL Nido. As we were all newbies, we agreed and waited in Jollibee for the Van to pick us up. It was a long drive to EL Nido. We arrived in our resort around 1 AM 01.02.2014. The resort was kind enough to accommodate us earlier than our check-in time. The day started really well as we waited for our boat for our tour. We all had a short quick sleep before the tour happened, but we were all prepared. The tour went well, except we lost our goggles, but as soon as we freshened up from our tour, we took the time to walk around, yes only walk, around the small town of El Nido. You will find lots of restaurants around, so don't worry. The next day, originally we wanted to go to Nacpan Beach, but we didn't have enough time so we just decided to rent some paddle boards from El Nido Art Cafe. We departed for Puerto Princesa around 3 PM and arrived 11PM 01.03.2014. Our guide told us that we had to wake up early for our Underground River tour to avoid long lines, and so we did. Apparently, we were one of the first visitors for that day, so we did avoid the long lines. I guess it pays to wake up early. We then asked our guide to take us to good souvenir shops before returning as back to our resort.

And since we wanted to go to Iwahig for firefly watching, we asked our resort for a Van, which we rented for the night to take us there. Since Iwahig will open around 7 PM, we decided to go Baker's Hill first, and it was fantastic :) The next day 01.05.2014, we just didn't go Honda Bay Tour and decided to just take a rest in the resort.

Our schedule might sound hectic, but trust me, its isn't hectic at all. I have heard a more hectic schedule. So if you are given a 5 day chance to travel around Palawan, consider yourself lucky :D

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