Monday, April 11, 2016

Kalanggaman Island


Kalanggaman Island

Due to mass media publicity, the popularity of this tiny island in Leyte has skyrocketed in just a matter of months. I remember 3 years ago, a friend of mine invited us to visit the island after we drop by her town in Palompon for the fiesta. By then, none of us knew that it would become the talk of not just only the town but the entire country as well... or even some parts of the world.

The thing about popularity though is that it means more tourists. More tourists make more money but it also means more trash. I always worry once a place becomes too popular or too accessible because we, if not always, leave our trash as much as we leave footprints on the sand.

I'm not saying Kalanggaman Island disappointed me because I expected more from comments by bloggers and the media. But, it was actually what they say it was.. only wasted and harassed by irresponsible tourists and the failure to properly maintain by the management. I'm not saying it is already what we think it is. It is still beautiful, but only if we make some effort to keep it as it's supposed to.

By morning, we woke up to rush to the famous sandbar to get that mandatory groupie, but we ended up picking plastic bottles and snack wrappers lined up on the beach. A holiday transitioned to a morning coastal clean up.

This is not just another "how-to-go-there and what-to-bring" post about Kalanggaman because surely there are already a lot. Instead, I want to highlight on reminding whoever is planning to go there to be responsible for their trash. Every single blog posts will remind you that you should bring water since there isn't any fresh water supply on the island, but let this one post remind you to be Clean As You Go.

6 members
Total budget: 2500/pax
Contact Louie for Pumpboat 9500 for 10.

Day 1
3:00 AM meet up in North Bus Terminal
3:30 AM depart for Bogo 135php aircon bus
6:00 AM arrived Bogo terminal
Last minute grocery
6:45 AM Tricycle ride to meet up point with Pumpboat owner 20php
7:00 AM preparation
8:00 AM depart for Kalanggaman
10 AM Kalanggaman

Day 2
9:00 AM depart for Bogo
11:00 AM arrived at Kuya Louie's place. Showered and changed clothes
12:00 NN tricycle ride to Bogo Terminal 20php
12:20NN Lunch
2:00 PM waited for aircon bus to for Cebu 135php
6:00PM Cebu

Remember, if it wasn't there when you came then don't leave it there when you leave! You are responsible for anything you bring. Carry out all your trash.

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