Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Travelling Made Me Realize How Screwed Up We People Are

As the plane rose higher and higher from the ground, I saw filth and disorder. Thousands of colored painted roofs scattered like goat waste on the yard. I might have been a complete psychopath for even thinking of just dropping explosives to wipe out the mess - I am not against the growth of civilization, but humans are like a disease to this planet. And it's frustrating to imagine how less we care and how little we give back despite how much much much more we take. I have traveled to many places and have seen such magnificent places and it frustrates me the most that the moment I return home from a paradise-like trip, I get to see people's lack of responsibility.

To simply throw trash properly is already too much to ask from us. We constantly nag and complain to the government about the failure to keep our cities clean, but we can't even hold on to a small candy wrapper for a bit longer because there are no trash bins in sight. We are busy keeping our houses clean while our trashes are being dumped some blocks away to pollute the streets. We are so concerned about accommodating the number of commuters that we flood roads with untrained and irresponsible motorists. We loathe the everyday hassles of traffic but we can't nag at drivers who won't stop the vehicle right exactly where you want - which is a no stopping zone. We complain so much of the things we did and just point our fingers to anyone else.  And if we continue being like this, it won't take long for us to consume everything. We can only hope that our dear scientists could turn our madness to something more productive to our Earth.

It is sad to know that if we continue to mess up, there will be lesser and lesser to see until there is nothing but the illusions of technology. It is frustrating and disappointing that one day you will just be telling stories of what was once there and will never be exactly how you once saw it to be. And the worst part of this is that too less of us care. To make that even worse is that people don't even take any mind of what those-who-care actually thinks. But even so, at least some people do take action and that's one less person messed up. Because in all honesty, I just truly want everyone else to know what they are failing to see and sooner or later its going to be something they might be looking up in a page of a History book.

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