Monday, April 6, 2015

The Most Common Picture Poses When Traveling

Everyone has a camera. It could either be a digital camera with lenses bigger than our face, or a built-in phone camera which could start with a quality as low as 1 megapixel and could reach as high as ultra super duper to the highest level definition with Valencia to Baby Face photo filters. Photo centered apps such as Instagram, Flickr, Facebook , Pinterest,  pop-up each day for users to share their pictures. Ranging from selfies to groufies, to foodies and ootdies, everyone has a photo to share.

Among so many random point-and-shoot pictures you could do, what are the commonly taken pictures done when you are on the road? Here is a list of the most common picture poses when traveling:

1. The local delicacy- They said, "There are only two types of food in the world. One that I have already eaten, and that of which I haven't." and besides, what else could make as happier than eating delicious food?

2. Spread your wings - I'm the King of the World! Our innate nature to spread our arms wide out when taking a photo with a beautiful scenery is positively not because of what Jack and Rose did in Titanic but theoretically because it is our meager attempt to grasp a huge amount of beauty.


3. Wacky pose - Why do we have to do so much more to look ugly or funny in a wacky pose when it is much more difficult to look pretty and cool in just a couple of shots? Ever thinking about just standing normally in front of the camera to get that instant wacky photo?

4. Emo shot - That moment on a trip when you wish tomorrow never comes or it may just be a moment when you ask someone to take you a photo while you emotionally look far away to the horizon so you could add an unfathomable quote in Facebook.

5. Jump shot - Do we jump on three or after three? It's the most wanted picture and also the most difficult to achieve. Imagine how many times I had to jump off that cliff just to get this photo?

6. Group picture - It's like the group's trip's graduation photo which requires a disinterested person to do take the picture (for everyone's camera as well...pity) who was coincidentally walking nearby.

TIP: Remind the camera man to not put his fingers near the lens, unless you want his finger on the picture too.

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