Thursday, March 12, 2015

The 6 Most Ideal Travelmates

Wherever you go, whatever you do, the people you are with affects the entire mood of your trip in a whole lot of ways.  It is best to choose the type of people you travel with because you don't want to waste a perfect vacation with someone who does nothing but complain and whose nose is always on her phone updating her selfies on Instagram.

So here are 6 types of people you would want to travel with:

1. The Organizer - Even if summer is 5 months away, this person has already planned trips for the gang. Bookmarks on his Google Chrome includes AirAsia and Cebu Pacific, awaiting for those promotional flights. Browser tabs are not filled with work related stuff but different blogs or websites to compare cheaper travel options. The Organizer knows the trip even from the smallest details, i.e; transportation fees, local restaurant's location, contact number of trustworthy local guides and even knows what time a shop opens and closes. This person is in charge of every questions to be answered on the trip whether it be monetary concerns or time constraints. Always the one to talk to the Resort owner, the Van driver or the security guard where the toilet is. The Organizer keeps everyone working on each tasks, makes sure there will be food on the table and a boat to transport them to the next island. You guys will be a mess without this type of person. Keep this type of person close to you because he will be your walking itinerary.

2. The Diligent One - From the word itself, the Diligent One is the most helpful among everyone. Does the grilling of the pork and fish and volunteers to go to the grocery to help carry the stuff needed for the trip. You can easily ask this person to run a quick errand, like asking him to buy a few drinks from the store nearby. The resort cleaners will have less to work on when you check out because this travel mate will clean up as much as he can before you leave the place. Being watchful and mindful is also one of this person's trait. The Diligent One keeps an eye of everyone's belongings and makes sure the place is safe enough to sleep in. He will volunteer to sleep near the door if he needs to. There is nothing much he complains about because most of the time this person agrees with everybody's opinion. 

3. The Photographer - Is the person who has photos of everybody with him on the trip and he hardly gets his own. Everybody else has pictures to be Facebook Profile Photo material while he only gets his name on the sand, or his feet on the river water, or even his back while he emotionally pretends to adore the sunset. You will see him at the edge of a cliff, climbing a tree, lying down on the floor, getting himself wet just so that he could get that picture perfect moment. He will do anything to get that angle right. Taking great pictures is his passion and knowing that people appreciate his pictures makes him ignore the drawbacks of being the group's official photographer. He spends most of his money buying the latest cameras and lenses. GoPros, Monopods and Tripods and all the other things. He brings more camera stuff than the travel necessities, so expect him to ask you to help him carry some of them. And the most important thing everybody expects from him is for him to upload all these stuff to Facebook so everyone else can change their profile pictures while he is there wondering among the very few can he use.

4. The Funny One - This person doesn't get too much involve with the planning and the preparing. The Funny one won't bother much with the details of the plan and just go along with everybody. Though she does not do much with the hard labors, she keeps everyone happy and hyped. The ice breaker and the life of the party. Every once in a while, she cracks up a joke and the gang is all noisy again. During midnight drinking sessions, this person steps up like she has her own stage. Though, not the most athletic and physically active member of the group, she occasionally makes fun of not only the other guys but also herself. Assistance is highly required whenever this person does decide to dip on the water or hop on the local's motorbike. She is a shrieker! Cursing and swearing from time to time will be inevitable for the Funny One. But despite that, she is still funny and no matter how much trouble it will cost you just so you can help her get to point A to B (which is equally very difficult for the one assisting) in the end, her struggle is worth watching and the way she takes in her accomplishment is amusing. Never a dull moment with this kind of person.

5.  Richie Rich -  Money talks. Richie Rich is the type of person who is like a safe box of funds. You know that you can somehow go home even if you have already depleted all your resources if you are with this guy. Of course, you don't just demand him for some cash but instead you ask the favor like how friends usually do it with their puppy dog pleading faces. "Can I borrow some money?" Coincidentally though, despite having so much more cash than the rest of the group, Richie Rich doesn't spend us much on souvenirs than everyone else. Richie buys stuff moderately while the others start panic buying when they encounter a 3 for 100 sale in a local market. But the best thing about this type of person is that you know that he is willing to spend his money for something he wants. So if he prefers comfort over anything else, he will spend that money even if his friends are only able to hand a small amount. And, voila! You will be enjoying an air conditioned room which was only supposed to be a fan room thanks to Richie. So do not abuse his kindness, generosity and his money. Besides, beggars cannot be choosers.    

6. The Mother - "Guys be careful! You might fall!" There is always that person that will always be looking after everybody but from time to time she will also nag like "Bring this. Bring that. Carry this and carry that." You better be on the dinner table when the food is ready and A L W A Y S finish the food you got or she will start talking about the children in Africa. This type of person can sometimes be superstitious or a very careful type of person. Whenever the group is too noisy at night, the Mother reminds them to keep it down so no "forest ghosts" will be offended. Did you forget to bring your sunblock? or some extra clothes? You can approach Mother for that, she will have everything ready like a convenience store. She often stays behind and watch everyone's bags in the cottage. Be ashamed of yourselves, because the Mother type of person usually cleans up your mess after a night
of drinks. Luckily though, the Diligent ones are always ready to help. Whatever The Mother tells you to do, follow. Mother's knows best after all.

If you don't belong to any of the listed above, you might just be another flower of the group which is an addition to "The More the Merrier" idea.

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