Saturday, February 14, 2015

Mt. View for Valentines

It's not the famous TOPS of Cebu where you could see the entire city of Cebu. This is Mt. View, also a very good place to see "partly" the City of Cebu from a mountain's point of view which I think is way better than Tops. Why? Because Mt. View is a big park (like a mini Baguio) with a pool, adventure park, rooms for rent, cottages, a mini zoo and a way bigger place for you guys to hang around for the night or day. Tops is just one big flat circle on a high point of Cebu where you could hang out for a few hours and go home but Mt. View is a park with much more available activities to do than in Tops.

 Their pool is cold and clean hehe. You have to pay 100 peso per person for entrance fee and 150 minimum cottage/tent fees. You have an option to use free cottages too which is a small round table with a mushroom-like umbrella near the pool. NO CORKAGE FEE! And if you can't swim, its ok, the deepest part of the pool is 4ft. 

 You need to have strong knees to enjoy their rooms near the pool. It's quite good, for a price of 1300 for 4 people (which actually could accommodate 8 people maximum [secretly, if you get what i mean]) its worth the money. You can camp out too if you want more adventure haha. WE DID NOT RESERVE for the rooms because the contact numbers we got from the net were not valid or no response, so luckily they had available rooms when we went there.

Foggy Morning

Credits to a friend for the photos

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