Thursday, January 1, 2015

Going North. Tips for Travelling to Ilocos & Baguio

I'm sure there are tons of blogs talking about how to get to Baguio and Ilocos. So, why would mine be any different? Just give this a quick read so you would know some tips most bloggers forgot to mention.

There are tons of travel agencies around in the internet now that will help you go around Ilocos. For a price of 3000 per person, you get to enjoy a road trip around Ilocos.

They will pick you up somewhere in Manila at night so you could arrive Vigan early in the morning (5-6Am) after an 8 hour trip overnight.

You will most likely be traveling with another group. The van will accommodate at least 14 people. If you want to go on an exclusive trip, you can ask them too, but expect a higher price.

The thing I have noticed when availing travel agencies is that they tend to drop you off to restaurants that are a bit pricey. Well, at least most agencies offer one free breakfast in the hotel you will be staying.

Ilocos restaurants during peak seasons will be full!! So what we did is ordered food for take out and ate along the streets.

I couldnt see any taxis around, so I assume they don't have any.
You could go around their tricycles or kalesas. You can also hire tricycles for a tour around Vigan.

If you are not very familiar with your geography, I would just like to warn you that the destinations for the Ilocos tour are quite far. You will have plenty of time sleeping in the car.

Going to Vigan in the morning is very ideal to avoid too much tourists and traffic jams.

I was very much expecting Baguio because it has become really popular recently. I was actually just expecting the cold weather and strawberries.

First of all, the weather, I think, has been overrated. Yes it was cold, but its bearable. You dont need to actually wear boots or mufflers. A sweat shirt will suffice.

So, if you are traveling via plane to Manila to Baguio and you have a baggage limit to consider, you need not bring too much heavy jackets.
And besides, you can go to Baguio's night market and buy very affordable clothes and stuff there.

Taxis there are cheap! If you are a group of 4 or more, I advice you to take a taxi since it will be cheaper rather than riding a jeepney (8.50)

Parks, parks, and parks. Baguio is filled with parks. Nothing much to see and nothing much to do, but relaxing parks with cool weather.

Remember Always
Leave nothing but footprints. 
Take nothing but pictures.
Please be responsible with your trash

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