Saturday, August 2, 2014

Unlimited Chicken Wings

The Burrow Lounge, located near JY Square Cebu City Philippines, offers unlimited chicken wings with four different flavors for 199 Pesos. Add 30 PHP for bottomless iced tea. The picture shown above can tell you more of their menu.

Their unlimited chicken offer only starts from 5PM-9PM. They'll start charging for regular prices beyond that time.

What do I think? First i wondered, how would a business gain profit if they offer too much food? Where do they get all these chicken wings? But then i noticed: The place isn't that big and the number of their staff is less than 5. Because its gaining popularity, the place is full-packed and considering its small sized kitchen, place and staff, they can't afford giving out the chickens as much and as fast as we want it..unfortunately..

Or maybe we just eat too much.... but this i assure you, the food is great! Beer is ice cold and place is near other restaurants which you can visit right after for dessert.

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