Saturday, February 2, 2013

One day trip to sumilon

You know lechon baboy skin??? That's what my skin looks like now... really next time im going to wear a suit

Fees are still same
Van 5500
Whale shark 500 local/1000 foreign
Sumilon boat 2500/20people
Sumilon beach 10-50
Tumalog falls 20
Total budget 1500/2000
Food 250 budget

Ps. Something happened to tumalog falls. Water level got lower and water pressure got lower too.. don't know what happened but they added some mini dam .. sorry I didn't ask for more questions

This trip was quite simple. Depart around 6 AM. Hired a Van to take us there and back. We dropped by some places to buy food for lunch. And around 10 AM we arrived in Tanawan Oslob where we were able to swim with whalesharks. It was a quick 30 minute session. Right after the swim, we asked around for a boat to sumilon and luckily got one for 2500 PHP. That boat sent us to sumilon's white sand beach where we paid 20-50php entrance fees. It was great but our boat returned too late (1PM) so we were all burnt.
For our last stop, we went to Tumalog falls (20PHP entrance fee) for a refreshing cool shower under the natural waterfalls before heading back to Cebu. At least that cooled us down.

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