Thursday, November 29, 2012

Korean Drink Experiment

I know this is a bit late, but its better late than never right? November 28, we went out for Korean Food trip with my Filipino friends and 3 korean students. We ate in chukumi
BIBIM-BAP after Chukumi @ Chukumi Lahug

cat dog love relationship

Carlo pretending to be cooking :)
That day, my friends invited tthe 3 Koreans to visit their house for a drinking party. Unfortunately they couldn't come, and we wished that they could coz we really needed their help. This is what happened in Kris's house. While I was waiting for the boys to finish cooking, I was busy enjoying the relationship of a cat and a dog :) so sweet >_< I also kept myself busy playing the piano and taking pictures of all of them.

kris grilling pork
Kris and Carlo were busy doing the grilled porks for SINUGLAW (sinugba + kinilaw)
i think this wont pass Gordon Ramsey's liking
kitjan masterchef(?)
While Kitjan was busy doing his pizza sandwich, don't quite remember what is was called. We all ate together and proceeded to drinking Korean style.

Kitjan's special sandwich pizza

Kitjan's special sandwich pizza
Figure 1.1 How to make Gojin Gam Lae :)
Since the 3 korean girls weren't able to go, they made us this really useful diagram of how to do it. unfortunately for us, for some reasons not really clear, we weren't able (i think we did something wrong) to do it properly as it was shown in their diagram. but anyhow, I and trexian enjoyed experimenting about it anyway. and also they guys are hoping they could do it properly with REAL koreans while drinking the REAL korean drink :)

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