Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Food Trip with Annie III - Side trip

We were supposed to go to Zubuchon but apparently they were closed early for christmas party.
Claire (Min Jeong Kim) amd Marjorie went with us, and we were all very hungry. so we were expecting to eat as soon as possible, but disappointment has a name, I actually don't know what the name is :) hahaha

Since Frontgate (we already went to frontgate, unfortunately i couldnt take pictures and we were also a bit lost and can't exactly remember where it was, so sorry)was along the corner, we decided to go back there, but everyone was getting a little impatient and passed Don Merto's Restaurant along the way to Frontgate so we decided to eat there, thinking it was a Pizza place.

But it wasn't, and im not a bit disappointed of going there :D

Bread and Butter

Pork Ribs

Buttered Chiken with sweet corn

this wasnt hearty burger (i forgot OMG)

Pasta this was the icing on the cake :) so delicious

**Actually we haven't really continued our food trip "together". We've finished 6 together last year and early this year, and we have never continued then..soon we will. hope so. just posting this to keep me reminded, and might be useful for those in need of a little bit of information :D**

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