Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Food Trip with Annie II

Second destination: #10 Dove Street - November 21, 2011
I could still remember that it was my youngest brother's birthday, and the day Annie made me wait coz she had to transfer a lot of files to her USB. anyway, did you know that the two of us don't actually have  sense of directions? We knew for a fact that Dove street was in St. NiƱo village in Banilad, just between USC-TC and UV Banilad which was very near our workplace but the biggest question was where in the village? The village wasnt exactly very small to look for a particular place. But we were told that we had to look for a house with fishes and its color orange. Good thing we found it.

# 10 Dove Street 
First course: Soup
3rd Course: Salad
4th: Sandwich
Last but not the least: Cake
You could choose what soup, salad, sandwich and cake you would like according to their menu. So if you wanna try, go ahead! the money is worth it :) if i can still remember, it was a total of 200 pesos for person ^_^**Actually we haven't really continued our food trip "together". We've finished 6 together last year and early this year, and we have never continued then..soon we will. hope so. just posting this to keep me reminded, and might be useful for those in need of a little bit of information :D**

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