Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Food Trip with Annie I

Annie (my friend) got this magazine where a list of 10 restaurants were stated. She actually just ask me to go with her to one of the restaurants, but I suggested to why not try everything (of course I was joking) but she said yes without hesitation, so here we are, trying to finish what we have started.

First destination: Taitong Steamer Food - November 10, 2011
She was bringing with her her laptop, so according to the magazine, its located in AS Fortuna Road beside AA bbq (if thats how i remember it) Since it was quite near our workplace, I told her, why wont we walk there? but she said maybe its too far and she doesn't trust my calculation of far and near. So we rode a jeepney, probably after 3 minutes we arrived there. I guess I proved her wrong then :)

Steam Fried Siopao in Taitong Steamer Food
and yesterday I just found out that there was another Steamer branch very close to us, probably Annie will shout at me with her squeaky voice again. :) peace Annie >_<

**Actually we haven't really continued our food trip "together". We've finished 6 together last year and early this year, and we have never continued then..soon we will. hope so. just posting this to keep me reminded, and might be useful for those in need of a little bit of information :D**

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