Saturday, December 31, 2016

7 Waterfalls in a Day in Cebu

Yes it is physically possible and economically friendly. Just to keep it short and simple, here is our itinerary:

3:00 AM ETD South Bus for Samboan Cebu 190 PHP/pax
7:00 AM ETA Samboan

Tell the bus driver to stop at Dau falls.
Rented a tricycle for 200/pax (we are a group of 4) that transported us around samboan to see the 3 waterfalls.

8:00 AM Dau falls 20php entrance fee. We gave 100 php for guide fee (25/pax)

Guide fee isn't mandatory and how much u give depends with u. Having a guide is mandated by the Samboan Municipality.


10:00 AM breakfast at a local restaurant (50 pax)

10:30 AM Binalayan Falls/Hidden Falls 20php entrance fee - 100 php guide fee (25/pax)

Good for waterfall diving!


11:20 AM Aguinid Falls 20php -100 guide fee (25/pax)



12:00 ETD from Samboan to Ginatilan.

Rented habal-habal for 200/pax to transport us to our 3 different destinations.

12:30 ETA Ginatilan 20php Entrance fee

Ginatilan's Inambakan falls has two more little falls when you continue to trek up - they have the same water source. Farthest from the starting point is Kampael Falls.


Next is Bugnawan Falls


And the last and biggest one is Inambakan Falls.


2:30 PM ETD for Malabuyoc's Kabutungan falls

3:00 PM ETA Kabutungan Falls 20 php entrance fee

Nothing much to see there -- unless you go to the 3rd and 4th levels which was close by the time we went there because of the unavailablity of guides.

3:30 PM ETA Malabuyoc Hot Spring 20 php entrance fee

5:00 PM ETD for Cebu

9:PM ETA Cebu 190PHP bus fee

Alternatively you can visit kawasan in Alegria or Mantayupan falls in Barili. But we were aiming for a hot spring bath for our finale and wanted to maximize the time and costs. So we opted out going to Alegria and Barili since its farther north and will cost us extra to return back to Malabuyoc.

Estimated expense:1000-1200 per person

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