Sunday, January 24, 2016

Travel Hangover

You come home from your out-of-town weekend trip completely exhausted. The good news is that you can go straight to bed after taking that most awaited shower, but the bad news is that tomorrow, the next day, will most likely be work day, Monday. That one word horror story - Monday. And to make things worst, you feel all sorts of pain and uneasiness after your weekend trip jumping off waterfalls and climbing rocky mountains and these are what every frequent traveler could relate to.

Muscle pain
Pain in every inch of your body. They said that working in front of a PC like a desk monkey is the new smoking. Your sedentary lifestyle surprised your sleeping muscles after going on an hour trek in the mountains. You go to work looking like C3PO who could hardly bend anything.

Colds and fever
Let's camp out for a night, they said. It will be fun, they said. Yes it was but you underestimated the coldness of a night out under the open sky. So the next day, you called in sick because you caught a cold and can't hardly catch your nose from running.

Battle Scars
A day at the beach and you have forgotten to put on sunblock and nature awards you with the excruciating pain of sunburn. Swimming barefoot on a sea urchin infested waters gives you that unique experience of getting peed by one of your friends. Jumping and climbing through rough terrains will give you scratches and wounds as souvenirs. And plainly being completely getting wasted and drunk will give you a jackpot of being pranked by your beloved friends while you are unconscious.

The very first thing everyone looks for the moment they get access to civilization's WiFi connection is for the photos of the trip. Just give it a few minutes or so, bang! 10 notifications and counting. Friend liked the photo you uploaded. Friend commented on the photo you uploaded. Friend reacted to your post. It's as if you weren't together for 2 nights. Profile pictures and cover photos are instantly being updated and it will take a week before it dies down and everybody could move on to the next thing.

The moment you come back from a trip, the only funds you have is only enough for the next 5 days and pay day is far far away. Since you spent it all for that weekend trip, you have to have cash because surely there will be another promo flight to your next favorite destination. So you work your ass out despite being so haggard.

And so they say, Don't advice your friend to go on a vacation if you see them looking so exhausted, because chances are, they already did.

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