Friday, October 2, 2015

Im Not Lucky Just Because I Travel a Lot

El Nido Palawan
Just because someone travels a lot more than most people do, doesn't mean they are luckier than everyone else. Most people think that frequent travelers have so much money, and time, to be able to afford such luxury. Yes! Its a luxury - only if someone pays for it. You're no Anthony Bourdain or any other NatGeo/Discovery Channel celebrities. Because, trust me, traveling damages our pockets more than paying the monthly bills.

Dumaluan Beach Resort
If only you were Bill Gates' daughter, you might not have to filter your Agoda search to "prices" and just find 5 star ratings from fellow users of 4-5 star hotels. So better yet, get some of your richer friends to avail a luxurious room - And just so you can avoid the extra bed charges, you'd insist you'd stay in the hotel bath tub instead.

Because you aint got the funds of having your own private helicopter to tour you around the beautiful island of Palau, or even just rent a private van to accommodate you into a day tour around a tiny island, you choose to get around the city via public transportation. Which means; having to compete with the public for a seat on the bus - standing or sitting, if you must - or train, waking up early to maximize the day. Yeah sure, there are lots of rather cheap and affordable car for rent for both group and private tours, but traveling in small groups leaves you with two choices; either pay much or sleep less...

El Nido Palawan

Sleep deprivation is already an issue for highschool students to middle-aged workers. Its twice, thrice more an issue for travelers. If you miss your flight home, I can only imagine what you will do next, especially if you're out of cash. So the only legit time you can actually sleep is during the bus/ship/plane travel or you're safely tucked in your resort with a whole day to feel all emotional in front of the setting sun in a remote island in Thailand. Sleep is for the weak!

You eat this and you eat that. One thing tourists look forward to is the local delicacy. Although it may cost a few dimes, some, though, may cost more than your ferry transport back home. Not to mention bringing back "pasalubong" for friends and family??But.. YOLO, right?

As much as you want your facebook profile photo to be updated, in reality, you are batteling with hundreds of tourists in the background just so you could get that solo picture of you with the famous pyramids of Egypt, the chocolatey hills of Bohol or just so you can sit on the road with a breathtaking view of overgrowing plants while trying to avoid getting ran over by a raging bus.

No. You do not work 2 times a week with a 5 days off - if only... You work 5 times a week, 8-9 hours a day ( 12 hrs if you must) earning a wage like most people do. And yes, you still do pay your bills, and give some to your mom :P

Being able to travel a lot is not because of having the abundance of cash or time, or both. All people linger for travel with different reasons. Most of us might be motivated after seeing photos popping out in facebook showing a friend smiling widely ear to ear, arms wide open with a majestic waterfall behind plus a deep quote googled- perfect profile picture! Some of us might just want to practice dying by jumping from cliff to cliff, bungeeing, sky diving(all except dying). Some crave the Sylvannas in Dumaguete or the lechon in Cebu. Some just want to be far away. Whatever it may be, we all just want to be out there, regardless of the reason why.

Being able to travel a lot doesn't mean I'm lucky. It just means I have made it a priority.

After sacrificing Jollibee meals and resto dine outs and stick to packed lunch instead, after hours of intensive research of promos and cheap, but worth it, accommodation in the internet (thank you google), after depriving much much much precious lazy weekend rests, after almost dying from fatigue after rushing to work immediately right after arriving from a weekend out of town trip - ITS NOT LIKE WINNING THE LOTTERY where you win a jackpot for a 3N2D trip to El Nido, Palawan.

How I wish it was...

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