Tuesday, September 8, 2015

I left my stuff

We have all experienced forgetting some valuable stuff when traveling. Whether its your phone charger, or some spare pants (and even a change of underwear) there are just some stuff you fail to bring. And because shit happens, there are also some stuff you forget to bring back home from your trip. Ever left your slippers in a hotel room? Or probably your spare tee in the beach of Palawan?  
I wonder how and I wonder why, coz almost every time I travel, its either I intentionally leave some stuff or just clumsily forget it.

October of 2013, I went to Manila together with my coworkers. I chose to use my simple blue sneakers since we would be doing a lot of walking around. And I just stupidly forgot it in the hotel room...so I thought, next time, Im either gonna bring a pair of slippers or sneakers and never both, so that way i wont forget any.

Palawan. January of 2014 I was wearing my favorite brown shorts. I had it with me for over a year and it finally gave up in Palawan. I had to leave it there.. The button fell out and it was starting to lose thread. It served me well...

I remember stitching my long shorts before I went to Ilocos last December of 2014. I knew it would be sunny, so I had to use it to cover as much skin I could from the scorching sun. The stitches, fortunately, survived the day..but not the entire trip. We had to part ways T^T

Just so recently, I went camping in Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete last August 2015. Since I knew that I had to pack lightly, I chose one of the jackets that was so ready to be let go of. And so I did. I am no rich lad. I am just merely cleaning up my closet (literally) and disposing the wardrobes I have overly used over the months and years of service.

First week of this year's September, I had to buy some extra shorts because I forgot to pack some extra. I changed into the shorts I bought just to soon forget about my old one, which was left behind to rot.

Just recently I went to Thailand. On the very first day, I have left half of me. No, i did not leave any underwear, panties, or clothes hanging in the airport, (i wish i had left these instead). I left some money, my bag, my camera (oh my..), my dear headphones, my phone...what did I do to deserve this? sigh****

Talk about leaving a mark 😉

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