Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bohol DIY

For a budget of 3000 Peso, you get to enjoy a 2-day tour around Bohol.

05:00 AM Buy yourselves a ticket for Tubigon Bohol in Pier 3 Cebu for 210-270 PHP.
You will have to pay a 25PHP terminal fee
05:45 AM ETD for Tubigon Bohol
06:45 AM ETA Bohol
Just infront of the Pier, there will be lots of people offering Van or car rentals worth 3000-4000 (good for 10 pax)
The earlier you get there, the better. If you come very late in the morning, you will find it hard to secure one for yourselves.
From then on, the Van driver will bring you to the famous places; Chocolate Hills in Carmen, Loboc River, Tarsier Sanctuary, Sagbayan's man made forest and other famous places. Which mostly has an entrance fee of 50-60 PHP

You just need to go straight directly to Carmen's Chocolate Hills. It isn't necessary to pass Sagbayan's highest peak to see the famous hills (it will be a quick waste of 50PHP, unless you are bringing children with you. It's a nice park, but if your purpose is to see chocolate Hills' wonders, skipping it will be a good time saver)

Just based on experience, I dont really recommend the Loboc river "Floating Restaurant" if your on a tight budget. Its quite pricey. 450 for a buffet meal and a 30 minute cruise on the Loboc river. If you have much money to spare, it will be OK.

If you are after the zipline courses, you might want to be there before 5PM.

Buy water from local stores outside the establishments you will be going to. Prices there will be doubled and will stealthily eat your budget away.

Tell your Van driver to drop you off to Panglao's Dumaluan Beach. Its really cheap and nice. We arrived there at night so we were able to get an overnight cottage for 580 PHP (and 25PHP entrance fee) which is only good till 6 AM. So if you want to stay longer without having to pay more, bring a tent and camp on the beach. Camping is allowed only until 10PM. I can't remember all the rates. There are rooms available too and beside the resort is Dumaluan 2 which also offers a bit higher rated rooms.

The good thing about it too is that the beaches are connected to neighboring resorts where you can see fire dancing at night. ultimately, though,all are white sandy beaches and is worth visiting!!!

And always,
Leave nothing but footprints.
Take nothing but pictures.

Please be responsible with your trash


  1. Hi, I find your blog post really helpful. Thanks. We will be visiting Cebu and Bohol next week Nov19. I would like to ask you questions about our trip. I hope you can give me some time to answer my query 09066762590 God bless!

  2. Hi how about Habal habal instead of Van for tour, would that be possible?

    1. Yes I guess, but never tried it. Check this blogpost

  3. You can't get a cheaper transfer from pier to hotel than 150 pesos I used it few times already!