Saturday, February 7, 2015

Exit Now

The newly opened (February 2, 2015) real life escape game in Cebu is worth trying. Though we lost (LOSERS), I think it was worth it. At first, I thought it was more action-packed. My mind was already set to images of running through walls or whacking some zombie brains, but obviously I was misinformed. Though, after visiting there today, my expectations were not met, I thought it was really great and I recommend you to go give it a try. It made me use my brain as hard as I was in high school answering an algebra exam, but in a more interesting way.


We chose to play the Orphan because we thought it would be scary, but we were too tensed to solve the mystery to be even scared of the setting. Quite honestly, it was a bit creepy, but we would have hoped for something a bit scarier. I bet it would send our Adrenalins pumping up if we were faced with those, or we would just freeze there >.<. Like the door should start banging or shaking when were almost out of time or the lights begin to flicker and something/someone scares us out of the blue. Though we are not really sure if they had these because we were unable to complete the game and ran out of time (LOSERS!) But it would be great if they really had it. So next time we visit there it would be more exciting. Phones and cameras are not allowed inside the game, by the way, That is one reason you wont be seeing too many photos on the internet.Well, where is the thrill if you already know what your up against, right? And for people who already played the games, I think they would not spoil you either. I would want to share my frustration of not being able to finish the game and convince myself to go play again and finish it for sure.

You can read more information in their website Exit Now. It is located in City Time Square (near Parkmall) 2nd floor above Tokyo Table. Luckily for us, Exit Now was having their opening promo, so we were able to avail their cheaper rates compared to that of what you see in their site. I suggest you get a reservation for a game online since it always full-packed, plus, reservation is for free and all you need to do is give them your reservation code which you have to verify 30 Minutes before your game schedule.

Go! Check them out and don't forget to bring your brains, you will need it the most.
Exit Now Rooms and Reservation

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